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60 Liters Electric Oven 1837 Watts with Convection Function

Product Id : 011.031.050

60 Liters Capacity, Single Glass, Fan and Lamp Read more

LYD 408.00
LYD 408.00
Combination not available

2 Enamel Trays

Provided with 2 enamel trays: 1 Round, 1 Square to guarantee perfect quality over long period of time.

General Settings

220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1837W


60 Liters

Variable Temperature‎

Adjustable thermostat to suit various types of cooking

Lamp Inside

Provided with an inner lamp to better monitor the cooking process

Wire Shelf

Wire Shelf on Sides

Auto Timer

90-Minute timer with bell warning.

Convection Function

Provided with convection function for better heat distribution.

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Stuffed Chicken with Vegetables

2 whole chicken 
1/2 cup of  rice.
1 teaspoon of black pepper, salt, chicken spices,
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of yogurt
4 cardamom one cinnamon stick.
2 medium potatoes
8 carrots
8 zucchini grains
1 cup warm water. Fried almonds and pine nuts.
1. Season the chicken with ground spices, garlic, yogurt and a little oil. Rub the chicken well, and leave it marinated for at least two hours
2. Using the rice maker, make the rice with the ground spices
3. Stuff the chicken with rice, then put it in the oven tray with water. Leave it in the oven until done and check if it still has water. Add water whenever it gets dry until the chicken is done.
4. Cut the vegetables and season them with spices, then add them to the chicken tray 10 minutes after the chicken is placed in the oven