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Reliably Yours
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Since the mid of the 1990’s, Hommer was founded and aimed to redefine the way of living and embracing family and traditional values. Derived from a journey of 30 years, Hommer has been the families’ best friend providing them with unique and fine products that can enhance their life and make it much easier. 
“Reliably Yours” is what our message is clearly about, as we are always striving to be our customers’ icon of trust and quality, presenting to them the widest range of reliable products and appliances that can serve them with the highest quality over long periods of time. 
From simple products to more professional ones, we have invested our experience to develop our brand so that it becomes the brand recognized and respected today. The brand that is preferred by our customers over the past years for the quality that simply goes far beyond their expectations. Such brand is what we proud to label as Reliably Yours! 


Life from different angles!

Life nowadays is not only about having the latest technology right in your hands, but it is also about making the best experience out of such technology. Hommer offers its customers a wide range of appliances that can facilitate their lives and make them memorable.

Families’ best shows can be watched with high resolution while their favorite meals are prepared quickly and professionally. Safe environment can be found for kids and pets with our safe devices. Hot and cold drinks can be served within few minutes!

TVs, cooking appliances, hair styling machines, and other various appliances for achieving your home chores, are available in different models and designs only to let you embrace life and make the best of it.

Hommer is committed to providing innovative appliances that are suitable for every home and within every home’s budget. We aim to provide various models to fulfill all kinds of needs and usages.

We strive to build trust with our various stakeholders, including customers, employees, and communities.


Hommer’s vision is to always provide innovative products that are suitable for homes, offices and workers of different fields and sectors. Hommer aims to continue spreading in different countries and regions and become a worldwide leader in the field of electric appliances.


  • To maintain customer’s satisfaction and their loyalty, as well as, provide modern appliances with attractive designs and smart features. 

  • To provide our customers with an interesting and easy shopping experience with effective guidance. 

Our Journey

From the Rockies Alpine to the Dunes of the Sahara and from the colorful Bosporus to the Great Wall, we have gathered a collection of world art sculptured and delivered into unique & fine products.

Established in 1990’s, a wholeheartedly brand was renowned, redefining the way of living & embracing family and traditional values. An icon of trust and quality, derived from a journey full of experiences, research and development in the path of selecting the worlds most relied and distinct products.

A savor brand which has become an inspiration and a source of pure reliability. A combination of family and expectations, our brand was driven and developed, becoming the brand recognized and respected today.

A reliable product that we accept for our families, and a service that goes beyond their expectations; could only than be labelled with trust, a brand that’s Reliably yours.


  • Innovation: we provide innovative products with various smart features 

  • Commitment: we commit to what we offer and promise 

  • Quality: high quality products is what we are committed to offer 

  • Responsibility and Accountability: services that you can count on!